Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Think before you...

Love long weekends, and love when hubby goes down for a nap!   I had a few hours this afternoon to do a quick page.   My inspiration came from some Ephemera that I got from a real estate paper.  The back page had a photo of the three monkeys that were hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.  I loved it.  The Realtor had a few cool sentences that I cut up and rearranged to make it say what I wanted.  :) This page was inspired by some real negativity I witnessed on Facebook today.  I am finding that people in general are truly judgmental and cruel, and the whole thing I read made me really upset and it was that event that inspired this page.

I started off with using a dotted stencil and gesso to create a resist.  I then took three different colored distress stains and a baby wipe and I started with the lighter color and made some smudges and immediately wiped with the baby wipe to remove from the gesso before it set.  Next, the mid color tone and added to another area of the page and immediately wiped again.  Last, the third and darkest color I smudged over the remainder of the page and again wiped with the baby wipe and blended the color.  Because the stains are water soluble I covered the page with clear gesso to seal but not hinder the color. Once dry, I took another stencil and the cornflower blue archival ink and created the water mark effects.   I looked for another stencil which was a harlequin style and a teal blue Lyndi stamp gang spray and added random patterns with the spray.  I really wanted to add a lot of color dimension and texture for the background, so I found a crackle stencil and another gold toned Lyndi spray and added that to the pages.  I used my heat tool to speed up the drying time.  I then found a brown shimmery Lyndi stamp gang spray and did some direct sprays into the circles.  It pooled and I tilted the book so that it would create some drip-age.  Now, once dry again, I took my ephemera that I cut out of the paper and the words and used my matte medium to seal them down.  I used some black gelato to smudge around the monkeys, and charcoal pencil to smudge around the words.  To finish the edges of the pages I used Potting soil archival ink and a blending tool to grunge up around the edges of the page.   And Whallah.... my page is done!  One of my quickest pages I have done but I love it!

I am almost done my book.  A few pages left to do in my book and then I'll have my first completed book done!  Whoohoo... :)  I'll be ready to complete the outside of the book cover and have my very first book to show off.  I'm excited!  :)   Thanks again for stopping in!  Hope you enjoyed.  xoxo

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