Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Hi.  I think I hit an artistically mental roadblock on this next page.  I thought I had an idea in my mind and it started off ok but I'm now perplexed as to what to do next.  I'm not sure why I'm having such a hard time with this one.  I've been sitting with the page open looking at me for about a week now.  Do you ever get like that?  What works for you?   I'm seriously considering starting another page and leaving this one until the right feel comes to me.   So far, this is as far as I have gone with this page....

I am kind of thinking of using my Dina Wakely stencil with the heart/stone and using some sort of caption that says something about... When will the walls come down?  I've got the concept behind what I want to do but I'm not envisioning exactly how to go about getting the look or feel I want.  Ideas are welcome.  :)  

And as a side note, I am walking for the Juvenile Diabetes foundation again this year and am actively looking for sponsors to donate to the cause.  I have a link posted on my page that will allow anyone who believes in helping find a cure for Diabetes to sponsor me in the walk.  This cause means the world to me as I have lost both of my parents to this horrible disease.  My Mom passed on in 2000 and my Dad just a short year and half ago, which was so hard as I was there when he took his last breathe.  I have seen first hand how debilitating this disease is.  So, for those with future needs to help them, myself included, I am actively taking part in this fund raising cause and asking for anyone who feels in their hearts that this is a worthy cause too please help me reach my fundraising goals and donate on my JDRF page.  I am wearing my heart on my sleeve and ask for your generosity in helping me raise money for diabetes.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to any comments and suggestions you may have with helping me get over my page fright!  ;)   Gotta love mental blocks.   Hope to hear from you!  Hugs, xoxo

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