Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy happy happy

I haven't had a whole lot of time this past week to do much so I made sure to dedicate a few minutes each evening to add a little to this page.  I didn't know where to take this page so I just kept doodling on it and each time I added a new doodle it changed how it looked.  I have been looking at it for the past day wondering if I should add anything else to it, but I'm kind of stumped so I think I am done.  I wanted to add some words but I kind of ran out of room.  LOL

First thing I did, as I do with all my pages was to gesso the paper.  The only problem with gesso'ing is that all colors go pastel over it.  I really wanted more red on it but oh well.  It turned out ok and I'm good with it.  After the gesso was dry I took TH distress paints in Spun sugar and Worn lipstick and blobbed it randomly over the page, then misted it with water and used a brush to spread it around.  I did the same thing on the second page and while it was still wet I placed the two pages together and pulled it apart and it created a really need almost crackle looking pattern.  Next, once it was dry, I took a Lyndi stamp gang spray in Rudolph's Red Nose and held the book upright and sprayed a blob at different heights and let the spray drip down to the bottom of the page.  Drips don't normally excite me like it does so many others, but you know what..... kinda was excited about these drips.  LOL 

I kept looking at the pink blobs and drips and had no clue what to do.  The following day with fresh eyes, I decided to take black gesso watered down into an ink and a script paint brush and painted black circles around each blob to mimic a flower.  I rummage thru my stamp stash and found some CTMH stamps in Serendipity and Stitched Together, also some Fiskars Garden Oasis stamps that I bought eons ago in a clearance bin.  I used bits and pieces of the stamps to create flowers and the stamens inside the flowers.  I used some of the stitches to flow down the drips to mimic the stems and added the leaves.  I colored the leaves with TH distress markers in crushed olive and peeled paint.  I inked circle stitches randomly over the page in a white and a red ink from CTMH. 


The next day, I took my Fabre Castel big brush ink pen in white and colored in each stamen.  I used my white gel pen and started to draw circles around the different blossom petal.  Lastly, I took my same Lyndi spray and dropped some of the spray around the page.  I wanted small drops but it came out really big and was more like big blobs of red.  It dried more red'ish than the first spray and the shimmer really stands out in the drops. 

After looking at it for another day I decided that I needed to paint white around the black circles just for a bit more dimension.  I used white gesso diluted with water to make it more inky but I couldn't even see the white, so I re did the circles with TH white distress paint and my script paint brush.  It turned out very subtle but that was ok. 


I think it's done!  I'm not really sure but since I don't see anything else I want do I'm going to leave it as is.  :)  Thanks for stopping in and checking out my newest page.  Would love to hear what you think or if I should add anything else to it.  :)  xoxo

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