Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Getting creative with Christy Riopel...Part2

I'm back to finish off blogging my last pages from my weekend classes with Christy.  I had myself some quick brunch and back to it.  Lots to remember with all we were taught, so I'm refreshed and ready to go.  :)  So, 'Let's a go!'  in my Super Mario voice.

This next page is a really cool technique.  Paper folds!  Love it!  Super simple but what a neat effect.  Take paper and create folds.  Then seal it down on the page with matte medium manipulating the paper to keep the folds prominent.  When dry, add spray inks or in this case we used Twinkling H2O's!  Finally, another use for them.  I keep forgetting about my little pots of joy.  Smoosh color on the page and add water and let the color run and drip and ooze all over the place collecting in the wonderful seams and pockets and let dry.  I used a heat gun to speed up the process.  Then, another great technique... tissue paper!  Stamp an image on tissue paper and cut it out roughly and seal it down again with a matte medium.  Reminds me of making my own TH version of tissue.  Once sealed down you barely see the seam edges.  The one note I have to myself is this, use a medium that isn't a high glaze base cause the wateriness of it reacts with the color and caused some smudging when I sealed down the images.  I'm going to have to play with my different brands and see what works best, and use a dry brush not one that has any dampness to it.  Again the water thing!  DOH...the page seemed kind of empty so I added some black painted circles and white highlights for a bubble effect.  I'm still not 100% satisfied with this page so I may come back at some point and play on it some more.  Still too much empty space for my liking.

Vaseline!  Yeh,,, that is what I thought.  HUH???  Vaseline?  I'm going to have to practice this a bit more I think.  Interesting technique though.  So, first off paint the page with whatever color of paint you want.  Then we were told to smear stripes of Vaseline down the page in areas with a honey like thickness of this goop.  Then in single swipes spread an even coat of gesso over top and dry.  I think of like when applying crackle paste, do not swipe more than once.  The Vaseline acts like a resist and when the gesso is dry use a paper towel to wipe away the gesso and Vaseline and you have this rustic smear effect on the page with the color coming thru.  Kinda cool!  I am far from an expert at this technique but will have to attempt to try it again.  Need to get some Vaseline I guess.  Then we added some color to the bottom of the page with distress ink and smudged it with a baby wipe.  I got a little over zealous with my ink and baby wipe and created too much color, but oh well...  the butterfly was done by drawing it onto a loose paper then on the back side taking torn strips of patterned paper and gluing them down to create a uniquely patterned butterfly.  Once dry, flip over and cut out the shape and adhere to the page.  I used gelato's to smudge around the butterfly.  Add some background stamps and a saying, then molding paste with a stencil for some textural effects.  My paste disappeared and is hardly noticeable especially over the distress inks cause it bled thru the paste and the image basically disappeared.   This is probably my least favorite page but with that being said, practice makes perfect or at least better.  LOL  I will attempt again and see what I come up with. Christy's page looked so great!

This next page is so simple and one of my favorites!  It's basically just using the page where you clean off your stencils on.  Add some stamps, some charcoal pencil for shading and whallah!  Yup that simple!  Who'd a thunk it!  I love the white space.  I'm always so intent on filling up all the page with color that I never realized just how beautiful that white space is!  So doing this more and what a great fast easy fun page to do.  :)

OK, another one of my favorite techniques and a definite Christy Riopel style and design page.  I love her canvas's using this technique.  I so am going to do this more and work with different color combinations.   Firstly, using a variety of different stencil patterns and color sprays, create patterns and colors on the back ground.  Then we needed to find a stencil or mask that was not detailed, like a window style, or freehand an image onto the page.  Gesso the whole page around the window image.  Looking pretty cool!  Add some paint or gelato's for shading around the image(s), and charcoal pencil.  Add some background stamps for added pattern and a saying.  Love this!!!

Last one to try to remember.  This is another one of my faves!  An easy fast page to do and yet so beautiful!  Gesso the page to start.  Using gelato's, create swirls, we used two colors.  Then spray water on top, lift the book and slam the bottom down on the table (have some paper towel down!!!) and create drip marks for the stems which will be for the flower.  Stamp a floral image over top of the swirled color and shade around it with charcoal pencil.  Add some background stamps, a saying, and some gelato's around the border to frame it in.  Done!  That's what I'm talking about!

Well, this weekend class with Christy was just absolutely the BEST ever!  I can't wait for her next visit to our city so I can do it all over again!  She is so creative and never brings us the same things each time around.  Always something new to learn and to develop new skills with.  I love it!   Here's a selfie with Christy and I!  ;)

I hope you enjoy my pages from this past weekend classes.  I know I can't wait to practice some of these new techniques and see what I can do with them.  :)   Time to get creative!!!

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