Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Paradise comes to an end...

My last day in paradise to do some more playing in my journal.  It's sad that these last few days went by so quickly, there really is just never enough time.  I am hoping that I'll continue even once I'm back to the daily routines and stresses of work to find some time to sit down and do up a page every now and again.  I do miss expressing myself thru my art.  I just will have to make a conscious effort to do so.   So with that being said... here are my newest pages that I worked on today.   :)

I love this page.  I found myself the cutest napkins in the dollar store the other day and thought... yeh, I want to do a page with these images.  Dyan's quote just goes perfect with this page.  

Not totally sure that I am done this one yet, but for the time being it was time to pack it away and start loading up my product so I'm ready to go in the morning.  This page kind of suits me.  I can be a bit of a rebel sometimes.   I was having a hard time coming up with an idea for this page.  So I used my tie dyed leggings as my inspiration for the black and white background pattern.  LOL  Sometimes you just have to look in the strangest places for ideas.  LOL

Well, this has been fun.  Send me some love and let me know what you think.  :)  Hope to see you soon!  xo

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