Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A whole year???

Well,  A near whole year has gone by since I've taken the time to enjoy my art again.  I made myself a promise that I wouldn't let life and work get in the way of my creativity.  Hmmmm... need to work a little harder at that.   I'm currently at the cabin for my last chance get away this year before work gets into crazy mode.  One more day of bliss here, the silence and peacefulness of the trees, the lake, the wildlife.  I honestly could use another week up here but alas, that isn't to be this time.  Oh well... back to reality in a couple more days.  I at least had an opportunity to get creative for a few days.  Sadly, the person who was my reason for starting art journaling passed away a couple of days ago.  Totally rocked the world with the news of her passing.  Christy Riopel, was my teacher and inspiration.  Without her introducing me to this wonderful creative outlet called art journaling, I probably would never have stumbled onto trying it.  It has been my creative outlet and release for a few years now.   And I owe it to her.   Another art journaling acquaintance that I made over the past couple of years also passed away yesterday.  Such a sad few days as two beautiful souls are heaven bound.   So, a couple of these pages are dedicated to them.

I'm not going to blog my process this time or do the step by step instructions that I normally do, but I hope you that you will enjoy the pages non the less.   As you will notice from page to page, that I do not have a particular style.  I just create depending on my mood and inspiration at the time.  ;)

Getting myself back into the groove.  Not my best work, but wetting my feet again so to speak.  :)

This LIVE LOVE LAUGH is using Christy's designer stencil that I bought at one of her classes.  So this page is in dedication to her.

One of my faves using one of Christy's layering techniques that she taught us in one of her classes.

I love poppies, and Donna Downey poppies are some of my favorites ever.  I love this page.  It is colorful and inspirational and this page is dedicated to Gail, another art journaling soul that was taken up to God's land.

With all the sadness this week, I needed to find some humor in my art.  So, I did this page.  Dyan's quotes always make me giggle.  They are cheeky and fun.

I have to say... this cracks me up.  LOL  I love the color, the goofy cat and I can just envision this is what a cat on catnip is thinking.  LOL  Psychedelic fun.

I hope you enjoy these pages as much as I did making them.  Let's hope that it isn't another year before I create something new again.  ;)   All the best to all of you and be good to yourselves.  Life is too short to not be kind and generous to not just others but to ourselves as well.  xoxo

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