Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Live and Dream

Do you find yourself sometimes thinking Christmas tags and then you end up doing something totally opposite?  Yup, that was me today.  I had full intentions of getting into my room and do something with my rustic lantern but for some reason... my fingers and brain collaborated behind my back and I ended up with something so not Christmassy at all.  :)

I started my afternoon getting busy and coloring some tags so they would be ready to go.   My attention span must have been really short today because I didn't even get many of those done.  LOL  Yup, it's one of those days. 

So, for my tag I took a black tag.  Wasn't really sure what I was going to do so I grabbed my Harlequin stencil and Tarnished brass distress paint and dabbed some paint thru the stencil.  I should have used my blending tool because I oozed underneath and didn't give a clear defined image.  But... Ok... lets work with it.  Let's say it has character!  ;)  I'm refusing to throw out the tag.  LOL  I'm frugal that way. 

I rummaged thru my stash of Kaiser stamps and settled on using 36 and Confidence.  I stamped them on using my CTMH dye ink in Whispering white.  I then took some embellishments from CTMH with the flowers and the rhinestones and placed them on the tag. I inked around the edges with my Viva Gold cream.  I found some of my dollar store find butterflies which I adore and glued them on.  I think I'm done!  Here is my tag:

I really wish I had me some Christmas cookies right now!  A part of me sooooo wants some yummy Christmas goodies and the other part of me is grateful that there is none in my house to cheat on.  LOL  Ohhhh, that darn good angel/bad angel battle happening right now.  :)   Maybe I'll go pick some up at the bakery tomorrow so I have some around the house to offer guests when they come for some Xmas cheer.  And for me!  ;)  I'm such a bad girl.  
If you like my stuff please follow me so I can find and follow you to.  I love getting inspired by other crafty creators.   Have a wonderful festive season and enjoy the love around you.  :)   Merry Christmas!


  1. Your tag looks great and I love the oozey bits. But no, I'm in Christmas mode for sure. I want a cookie now too. I bake all the time but I don't eat much of it. With 3 kids it goes quick. Once I finish my Christmas cards I can focus on baking for Christmas.

    1. You are such a wonder woman. I wish I had your energy. :) I have a gf coming over tomorrow for a craft day and and a sleep over. Gonna be fun! So, I'm going to buy some cookies for us, since I'm not much of a baker! LOL Love to cook, baking not so much so. ;)