Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tim Holtz Xmas lantern ornament #2

I have been trying to figure out what to get a certain friend for Xmas and I know she loves ornaments for her tree.  She has the most beautiful amazing tree in black and white ornaments.  It's so elegant and stunningly beautiful.  So, I'm going to surprise her with a couple of these homemade rustic lantern ornaments that I made myself this weekend but do them in her colors!  :)  I really hope she likes them.  I think they turned out really well.... so I really hope that she will adorn her gorgeous tree with these!  I honestly, can't wait to give them to her.  We are getting together the end of the week for some Christmas cheer... I'll give them to her then.  If I can contain myself and wait that long.  LOL

So, these are the same techniques that I used for my red lantern ornaments but I used different colors.  So first I cut all my pieces.  I used the rustic lantern, the pine cone and branches and the scrolls.  Other supplies used were Krylon Silver leafing pen, white fabric flowers, Distress paints in white picket fence and scattered straw, distress embossing ink, distress emboss powder black soot, Recollections opaque white sparkle embossing powder, Distress Crackle in Clear rock candy, Aleene's True snow, distress ink black soot, Viva Gold platinum cream and graphite cream, archival ink black, liquid glass (glossy accents), and a silver bow. 

For the lantern, I first heat embossed the white embossing powder.  It has a nice light shimmery effect to it.  Nothing too glittery cause she's not a really glittery kind of girl.  I then re-inked random areas and used my fingers to pinch some distress black soot powder in some areas but not cover the whole lantern.  Re heat to emboss set the powder.  Rub the crystals off to distress.   Then I took my Viva creams and with my finger lightly rubbed some platinum around the edges of the darker parts and the graphite around the edges of the lighter areas.  It's hard to see the difference it makes in the photo but it really makes a difference when you look at it.  It just adds another dimension of texture and color to the tag. 

Time to paint and crackle the globe.  Paint scattered straw in the center for the yellow glow and white picket fence for around the glow.  I did two coats and let it dry before adding the crackle.  Let the crackle air dry while you work on other parts.  :) 
Next, time to color some of the branches.  I had some of my branches left over from yesterday's lantern so I used them, but they were green and I needed black so I colored them with black ink and let them dry.  I also cut a few in white cardstock so I had some variation.  I used 3 black branches and 1 white branch for each tag. 
Time to make the dreaded pinecones again!  I really didn't think I'd be making more of these so soon.  LOL  Only 4, that's all I needed this time.  Phew.  I wanted winter white pinecones and I used some True snow on the edges of the leaves.  Can't really see it but it adds some texture to the paper and makes it more authentic looking.  :)
My fabric flowers were white and I didn't want a white flower next to my white pinecones so I took my Silver leafing pen and silver leafed my flowers.  Perfect! 
The scrolls were colored with the same Silver leafing pen for a really cool metallic look.  Once it dried which doesn't take too long, I used an archival ink in black and stamped a sentiment on it.  My parts are all ready now to assemble.  The crackle should be dry soon, and if it's already started to crackle you can help it by lightly blow some heat onto it to speed it up, but I prefer to just let it air dry completely.   Once dry, glue the globe with liquid glass in behind.  I love the look of the crackle.   Next, you can glue on the scroll.
Time for the branches, pinecone and flower to be glued on.  On the right side of the lantern I staggered the black and white branches to offset the look.  It makes them POP to the eye better.  You can attach the silver bow above the globe now too.  I used a hot glue gun to glue down the bow, the pinecones and the flower.  I find it holds better than other glues. 
I made two of them for her!  I used a different sentiment for each one so it would be just slightly different.  I think they are really pretty, so I really hope she likes them as much as I do.  If not, they are going home with me again, and onto my tree!  lol  Just kidding.  :)  I'm sure she'll love them.  Here are my finished lanterns. 

Thanks for stopping in.  I am so thrilled that my red lantern project this weekend was picked by Tim Holtz as a blogworthy link to me.  I can't even explain how much that means to me and how excited that made me.  In a year of so much sadness in my life, this has really brought some real joy and happiness!  :)   Starting my blog and doing my tags and taking the Creative Chemistry courses and following Tim's monthly tags and also following so many of my crafty peeps that have so truly inspired me has really brought me into such a happy place.  I'm blessed by all of you who have helped inspire me and even though you don't know what has been going on in my personal life, you're all helping me heal. 
So thank you!  With that bit of sappy insight, I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday if you don't follow Xmas. 





  1. I think your friend will love these lantern ornaments! They are great! Thanks for sharing .. I enjoyed your post!
    Another 'Medicine Hatter'

    1. Sweet! Thank you for visiting and commenting. :)

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    1. Thank you Beth! Sorry I missed seeing your comment earlier. :(