Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Do not conform...

Spent a wonderful afternoon with my SIL again, teaching her techniques for her bible art journaling.  She completed her first page and I was so proud of what she had done.  She is really developing some awesome talents.  :)  While I was there to answer her questions and explain different mediums to her and how to use them, I worked on a page that I started a couple of weeks ago.   This page is inspired by Tracy Scott and her style designs.  I love her pages.

I had initially sprayed some blue thru a stencil but I found that the blue was darker than I was looking for so I gesso'd back over top and the gesso picked up on the blue and smudged the color underneath.  I liked how it softened the hard edges of the harlequin pattern.  I then did my face and colored it, added some script stamp in archival ink, but once I got past that point I was stumped.  So the page sat for a couple of weeks while I took a step back for a bit.  When I came back to it, the harlequin pattern reminded me of a page that Tracy had done not long ago and I knew that it would be my inspiration to complete mine.  So, I used acrylic paints to paint in the diamond shapes in random.  I then took my sketch and wash pencil and drew in the flower centers and petals.  I did a primer base of titanium white and then used my Neocolors to color in the flowers.  I finished off around the pattern and flowers with charcoal and smudged it to create shading.  The black dots in the center of the flower is from IzInks and a stylus.  I finished off the page with a stamp.  :)

Hope you enjoy!  And thank you to Tracy for the inspiration I needed to complete this page!  :)

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