Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Friday, March 20, 2015

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Had me some fun today at my local scrapbook store and of course couldn't come home without something new.  LOL   I made several mistakes on this page but had to go with the flow cause once it was done there was no going back.  In the end, I think it turned out pretty OK.  I always have fun experimenting and seeing what comes of it.  It is such a great lesson in learning to let go and being imperfect.


I started with some Gelatos on a page prepped with gesso.  I sprayed some water onto the craft sheet and used a sponge that I picked up at the dollar store and dipped into the water a bit to dampen the sponge and blend the gelatos together.  Don't get too much water into the sponge or it will dilute the color too much.  I found that happened to me in a few spots so after it was blended with the sponge I dried it and went back over with some of the pink and peach and dry blended with my finger to intensify the color a bit more.  :)

Next, I took 3 colors from the Prima sprays (Love these sprays) and some water and sprayed over the gelato background and let it marble.  Because the gelatos are kind of waxy the sprays marble really well because it acts like a resist underneath and the colors run together really well.  I used my heat gun to help dry it faster.

This is a new stencil I got and wanted to use it on this page.  I used an acrylic paint and a sponge to apply the color thru.


I wanted to use my new Dylusions paints.  So I grabbed a stencil and sponged color thru.  I found the green a lot brighter than I was really aiming for once it was in place so I thought I'd take one of the Prima sprays and offset the stencil and spray some thru to create a dimensional look.  Well, that didn't work so good because once again with the waxy base created a resist and the spray seemed muddled and uneven.  Kind of looked like crap and I had to find a way to correct.


Well, let's do some experimenting.  I took some clear embossing paste onto my craft sheet and sprayed some spray on and mixed them together to create what I was hoping would be a transparent green shimmery paste.  Yeh  I placed the stencil back over top of the original green paint and spread the paste thru.  Wow... dark!  Ohoh...  well, it's done so let us do the other side.  Eech... oh boy... now what.

I grabbed another green spray and sprayed to bottom of the page really heavy with the spray and tipped it to create runs which I was hoping to use as stems for flowers.  You'll notice that the color of the dark green/black leaves have a lighter shimmery effect.  The spray pooled and ran over the waxy colored background from the gelato's but clung to the embossing paste.  Cool!  Back on track...

I sketched a few flowers in with a sketch and wash pencil and painted white acrylic paint and then took my Neocolors and some water to create water colors and colored my flower petals.



I finished off the flowers by outlining with some charcoal pencil and added a stamp to the top of the page.  The leaves still felt wrong so I thought I'd try adding some perfect pearls on them to make them pop a bit more.  They just still seemed so dark.  I took two different perfect pearls and blended them over top with my fingers.

The final result.  

Think my next page will be a bit more simple.  This was definitely a longer process than I had originally planned, but learn from our mistakes and move forward.   Have a great night and see you on the flip side when I am back with my next project.  :)

Somehow I lost my signature.  Oops.  Nighty night.  xo


  1. I have to say I giggled as I read your are so much like me...try to fix it, then "yeh," If I had a dime for every time I had to say "yeh," as I played, I'd be a rich woman! LOL In the end this turned out really *beautiful* !!

    1. Thanks Kathy. I do that a lot too! LOL It's all part of the fun! :) Thanks for leaving me a comment. I really appreciate it! :)