Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Saturday, March 14, 2015

To art or to clean... ART wins.

This is going to be a really fast blog and unfortunately with no tutorial this time added.   Long days at work and little time to play.  I manager to do a few quick pages with my new Neocolors II and I bought some Prima Color Bloom sprays to try them out.  Love them!  So, I just needed some do some art before time got away on me again and another long stretch of no fun faded away.  Hubby thankfully has gone back to work after a long layoff so my time to just spend a couple of hours for myself opened up and I took full advantage.  I don't know about you, but as I get older time just goes by faster and I seem busier than ever before.  I don't really think I am, but my perception seems to tell me so.   I was so tickled when I stepped away from home on my day off to run some errands and my parcel was sitting on my doorstep for my Neo's!  OMG... the estimated delivery was for the following Monday.  I giggled like a school girl as I grabbed my package and without delay opened it to reveal my new play tools!  Eek...  Why is it that something as simple as crayons can make a grown woman giddy?  So, of course, I had to play!  I couldn't have them sitting there looking at me while I went about my day cleaning and stuff without opening them to play some!  LOL  Ok, well that's my story... and I'm sticking to it.  LOL

My first page was just a fast easy page I whipped up in the morning just to get some Art action happening.  I had this page in my head for such a long time but hadn't had the time to do it.  So, a fast easy gesso, Dylusion sprays, Prima spray and stamps.

And my next page... well I took a page I had started quite some time ago that I was not liking and this is where my Neo's came in to play and transformed my horrible page into something spectacular!  Love my new Neo's!  They were worth every penny.  :)

Well, I know I'm excited about playing with the Neo's so I hope looking at the fun colors and the whimsy of this page brings you as much of a smile as it did me playing with them.  :)  Have a great night and drop me a line.  :)

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