Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Creative Chemistry: Part 3

So far today, I've completed Day 6, the Distress markers.  I specifically went out to purchase a pack of the markers so I could honestly do this class and know the difference between the Distress markers vs my other brand of water based markers.  I have two different brands of water based markers.  The Marvy markers and Sugarloaf markers.  I prefer my Sugarloaf to Marvy but I wanted to know how different these Distress are.  Well, I found in some aspects when you start to blend with water markers the Distress did a better job blending and moving the ink around, but with dry coloring I found no real difference and when coloring on a stamp to transfer I preferred the detail of my Sugarloaf markers vs the Distress markers.  And when I misted them with water after to transfer the image for a water mark effect, I saw no difference between the two.  So, I guess if you want to do a lot of coloring with water markers for blending or blending on the craft sheet to color then the Distress would be worth the investment if you already have other markers.  And if you don't have any water based markers then they are a good investment to start off with the newest, latest and greatest marker on the market since they do blend better with water than the other brands that I have at least.   Though I can't say how they compare to markers that I have not yet tried like Stampin Up or CTMH.  For me personally, I'm glad that I bought a few to try just so I could say I tried them, but for the amount of coloring that I do actually do, I still prefer my alcohol based Copics for blending.  :)  

Here is a pic of my two different markers.  The top row is from the Distress markers and the bottom row is from my Sugarloaf markers.  

Oops, I just noticed that my Sugarloaf #1 and #2's are mixed up.  I tried to keep the color similar when I colored using the same technique.  So #1 should actually be #2 and vice versa.  My bad.  So there you have it.  Another class done and onto Day 7 now.  I really am trying to get 2 days done each day so I can get started on Creative Chemistry 102 and maybe if life is good to me I'll be able to catch up to the rest of the class.  :) 

The most important part of learning these techniques is to be able to best utilize all our products, since I know for at least myself I'm a junkie with so much, and to have FUN!  I'm so glad that I signed up for this!  :) 

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