Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Enjoy the little things...

So.... to carry on my theme from the previous page, this page is about the little things.  Make sure that each day we take time to do something small for ourselves and enjoy the small things that life has to offer us.  That is what this page is about...

As I was trying to envision what I wanted to do for this page and how I wanted to design the layout in my head, my mind started to drift.  It happens now and again!  Ok, well quite often actually.  LOL  And, a light bulb went off!  I love those Aha moments when something ingenious enters your mind and you scramble out of the chair to find what you are looking for before that old age case of Mentalpause takes over and you forget what you ran into the next room for.  LOL  So what am I rambling about?  LOL  Well, a friend asked me last week, what do I do with all the tags I make?... Good question, I have no idea... I look at them I guess!  LOL  So, I went thru all my tags and found my Feb '13 Tim tag and it was Perfect! :)  It's going on my page! 

First and foremost, pick out my background page. 

What a great backdrop!  It brings over the stripes from the paper on the last page and ties the two sides together.  I used to never think about things like double page layouts in the past... I'm evolving.  LOL Must be all the great scrapbooking friends I have and watching their amazing work.  :)  A person really learns and grows from others. 

Ok, so let's find what else to use.  I bought a few lace doilies eons ago at a fabric store and thought to myself...these will be nice to use on a page, well they got stuffed into my boxes of ribbons and lost ever since.  Well, they are making a showing today!  One stuck it's little ruffle out of a corner in the box and started to talk to me, kind of like those Pier One commercials that drive me crazy!  LOL  I took the remaining lace ribbon from the previous page to carry it over as well as the CTMH shimmer trim, some remaining paper from previously and also some of the Lost and Found note papers. 

The hardest part of this page is the tag and how cool is it that I did this months ago!!!  YES...SWEET...  I do have a blog post for how I made this tag back in August. 

Let's assemble and finish off my calendar with a few of my Pink by Design stamps. 

Thanks again for popping in and following along.  My poor dining room table... my craft room is torn apart looking for things and I've taken over my dining table as my work space.  LOL  Good thing my husband isn't home.  He'd have a bird.  A big bird, like Sesame Street Big Bird big bird.  LOL  But you know what... I'm OK with that.  LOL  He'll never know by the time he comes home on days off again, so it's our little secret that I'm a messy crafter.  ;)  

Have a great day/night and I'll be back with more pages when I can.  :) 

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