Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I sat and contemplated last night, what makes me happy?  Is it materialistic things, like my scrapbooking supplies?  Well, that is a given! :)  However, in the larger scheme of life... what makes me happy.  It's been so long that I felt really happy, like deep down happy.  So, part of my journey is to find out what that is, and in my thought process last night and today while working on my next set of pages was that... it's the small things like the moments together with loved ones, family, friends, sometimes even friendly encounters with strangers.  Sometimes it's just being alone to be with myself, watch a movie, do my crafts, have a glass of wine, a bubble bath...  So today was about, what is Happy?  I know this is getting deep... LOL, but this album is part of my journey this year, kind of an outline and I'm taking you on it with me... :) 

If you haven't seen the album from the start, it goes back a few days to the posting called Moments.  I'm working with the MME Lost and Found Union Square paper pack.  I have purchased some of the newer Lost and Found chipboard pieces from the Record it collection.  All the colors work well together and so the color theme stays intact.  This goes back to me being anal.  LOL  Sometimes, I just can't help myself.  ;)

So for the next page I picked out my background paper and applied it.  This page actually is a really simple page because the paper I picked already has imagery on it that fits my theme.  Perfect!  Not all pages have to be overwhelmingly complicated.  I do have a tendency sometimes to clutter a page...yup, I do.  Hard to believe but true.  LOL  Editing can be a challenge sometimes!  LOL 

Isn't this pretty paper?  I love this collection... and Happy is the name of the game. :)

Next, lets build on that thought.  I purchased the Lost and Found paper notes and antique pockets from the Record It collection.  I love them, and they work perfectly with the older Union Square collection papers.  :) 

Aren't they gorgeous!  I wanted to make a few mini tags to insert into the pockets with sayings on them.  So I picked out some of the left over paper from the previous pages and cut out three pieces of paper to make mini tags from.  I used my paper trimmer to cut the corners off.  I found my markers on the trimmer ruler so that when I flipped it over I'd cut the same angle on the other side.  Worked slick!   Do you notice the ruler at the bottom the corner is set at 1 3/4" and the left upper corner is at the third line up from the bottom and half an inch in from the cut line.  This makes the two sides even when you flip the tag over to cut the other side.  :)  I stacked and cut all three tags at the same time.  Again, it keeps them all the same. 

Next was to stamp onto the tags what I wanted to say.  I forgot to take pics of the stamps I used but one is a Kaiser stamp and the other two were Deep Red. 

I wanted a weekly to do list for myself.  So with the paper note week calendar I looked for some stamps to use.  I dug out my Pink by Design stamps that I bought years ago to find some fun ways to list my happy things to do.  Sometimes I forget everything I have, so this has been fun going back and using things I haven't looked at in years.

So let me explain my choices... Monday is a great day to do nothing because no one, at least that I know, likes Mondays.  LOL  Tuesday's will be a great day to kick off the week with a trip to the gym.  Wednesday is hump day, a great day for a Love Me day and do whatever I want like have a bubble bath with candles perhaps.  Thursday, a good day for errands and some shopping.  Friday seems like a good day for my crafts because I know typically it can run late into the evening.  :)  And the weekend well.... I think the stamp says it all!  LOL  A great time to get together with family or friends for some weekend cheer and good times.  Is this a regimented schedule, of course not, but it's a gauge for me to think about myself a little bit each day.  :)

Next, I laid out my paper pieces so I could decide what embellishments to add to the page.  I found some lace ribbon and my gorgeous roll of CTMH red glitter shimmer trim.  I also wanted to use my CTMH heart chipboard pieces.  I picked out three of them to glitter up.  Now, I had glitter everywhere and I found it was coming off of the heart when I'd touch it.  So, I used hairspray to seal it!  Worked like a charm!!!   I also used some left over paper for some matting for the weekly to do note. 

I punched some holes into my tags and added some bakers twine and used the mini attacher to hold it down, then inserted them into the pocket.

Time to put it all together and finish the page.  :) 

I hope you like.  Now onto the second side.  See you at the next posting.  :)  Time to prepare something for supper then I'll post my second page.  :) 


  1. Very nice love the red,glad you had a fun day scrapping

    1. Thanks hun. Wasn't feeling great today so it was nice to stay home and just work on my pages. :)