Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Friday, January 10, 2014

Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall...Hi!  Another page done.  This journey thru this album is getting harder with each page as I go.  I guess that is the whole purpose of this exercise in inner growth and acceptance.  It's like someone asking you those tough questions that make you stop and think and have to really dig deep.  This theme will carry over onto the next page as well.  The whole idea of growing as a person inside is to love yourself first, but in order to do that one has to acknowledge and know what it is about themselves that they love.  So the next two pages are about Loving myself.  The second page will be a list of things about me that is worth loving.  Whoa.... getting real.  Scary.  :) 

Time to pick my paper that I want to use.  I cut off the top portion of the Love page and used the black paper and the washi tape for the top bit.  A good focus place for my title.  My tip for not wasting is I cut off the underneath part of the paper that would otherwise be covered up and use that in a project somewhere else down the road.  These papers are far to pretty to not use what you can for as much of it as you can.  :) 


In my stash of goodies that came in the mail yesterday was Wendy Vecchi black embossing paste!  OMG... I have a new favorite love!  It dries with this soft matte finish that looks like soft felt.  I had to touch it to see if it feels soft too.  It doesn't, but it is so nice!  In love...if you like to stencil with pastes, you got to try this stuff.  Amazing.  I'm happy with that purchase.  I used a stencil from Worker's Craftshop for the pattern.  Isn't it stunning!!!  I'm having a hard time taking my eyes off of it in front of me as I'm doing up my blog. 

Ok Ok... moving on... In my stash of goodies I finally got the Alterations big die Ornate Frame.  Sooooo...excited.  When this first came out and I saw it, I'll be honest I didn't think I'd want it.  I always improvised and made do with other stuff but the more I saw it being used in other people's projects the more I wanted it.  So, a scrapbook hoarder, I had to have it.   So, I cut it out from chipboard, inked it black and with liquid glass I used Distress glitter in black overtop. I found glitter coming off of it when I moved it so I went back to my hairspray trick to seal it and it worked beautifully without changing the glitter effect or anything. The oval from inside I cut some foil sheets and adhered it to the oval and wrapped the overlap around to the back.  I put it inside the frame to give it that mirrored look. 

Up next, I wanted to add some flowers.  Red flowers actually, because Love is all about red.  Well, that and this whole album uses red.  :)  I saw a U-tube video yesterday that someone shared in my Circle and it showed how to take basic flower die cuts and turn them into bushy flowers.  So, I attempted it today.  They turned out great and I wish I had known this technique a long time ago.  I have so many basic paper flowers that are just so.... what's the term... blahhhhh.... Now I actually will be able to make nice flowers from them.  :)  Sweet!!!  Let me show how easy it was...

 Whalla!!!  A pretty rosette.  :)  So simple and only took minutes to make them.  :)   I also found some remnant red lace ribbon and I made a flower with it as well by folding it fan like around in a circle and tacking it together with the Tim's tiny attacher.  Super fast and easy. 

 I used some of my scrap pieces of paper from the previous pages and cut a few flags.  I pulled out my Ideology sayings and found some words that I felt described what I wanted it to say.   I dug thru my hoards of stuff and found some chipboard letters from K&Company as well as some other shiny letters and embellishments that I found over the years at dollar stores.  I finally found a use for them.  :) 


And that is the first page of this two page layout.  :)  You'll have to wait for the second page.  Not because I don't want to post it yet, but because I'm not done yet!  :P  I have my paper picked out and some of the things I want to use on it, so perhaps tomorrow I'll get it done and posted. 

I start back to work next week and that will place a real wrench into my time I get to spend on scrapbooking but I plan on making that a part of my time for me and do some playing in the evenings while I'm home alone.  :)   Thanks for visiting.  I love it when I hear from you so please let me know you were here before you leave.  :)  See you soon!  :)

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