Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Friday, August 30, 2013

Tim Holtz Feb 2013 inspired tag

I haven't yet started on doing Tim Holtz's 12 tags of 2013, but today I thought, you know I'm going to do my version of his Feb tag.  I didn't use all his techniques, I just used the inspiration to make this tag.  And I LOVE it!  I really wasn't sure how it was going to turn out.  I sometimes self doubt... I really need to work on that!  :)    This tag was definitely a bit more technique oriented and took longer than any of my other tags I made today.  But I think it was worth the effort.  :)

With this tag I started with a #8 Black tag.  I wanted the solid black background to start without having to paint or color it.   First thing I did was use Distress crackle paint in picket fence and swiped a streak up and down the right side of the tag.  Set it aside to dry and do its cracking. 

I used Tim's Stampers Anonomyous Classic #5 face stamp and cut it out, I took Fired brick and lightly blended color onto the image focusing the color more on the outside edges and lightly into the cheek area.  I set it aside to glue down once the crackle was dry. 

I then stamped various hearts from a Hero Arts stamp set I have.  I heat embossed these.  The bottom square postage stamp style I embossed with a black embossing powder and then distress inked in with fired brick.  I used my finger and rubbed some Viva Inca Gold in old gold around the edges and any remainder on my fingers over the black embossing surrounding the heart area.  It's very subtle but when the light hits it, it just gives a bit of gold sheen ever so slightly. 

The next heart is a scripted image.  I again embossed with a black embossing powder.  I then took my distress ink fired brick and inked the heart.  The embossing acts as a resist.  Next, I took some more of the Viva gold and rubbed it overtop of the whole image and lightly took some paper towel and removed the gold from the black embossing.  The red beneath just lightly is peeking thru. 

Onto the next scripted heart.  I heat embossed this one with Red embossing powder.  And then again, lightly distress inked in Fired brick.

The last heart is a solid heart that I embossed using Distress embossing powder in Fired Brick.  Once cool I used my finger to scuff it up.  With this one I also lightly used some Viva gold and lightly rubbed it to the surface.  I did this with such a super light touch cause I didn't want the gold to take over, just to enhance it delicately when the light would hit it. 

I had a pack of Tim's mini cards and pulled out the Q card.  I distress inked around the edges and slightly inward with Fired Brick again using the blending tool.  It caused a bit of smudging which I thought was neat.  I then took Viva gold and ran it around the edges and with my finger lightly in the center. 

By now the crackle should be mostly dry.  Mine was still a bit wet so I took my mini blow dryer and started to dry it.  Because it had started to crack already it was ok to do this.  I find the warm air actually accelerates the cracking a bit.  Once dry, again I used my finger and Viva gold and rubbed the gold over the cracks, around the edges of the black tag and swipes over random areas of the tag in a vertical direction so that all the streaks are going the same direction.  I didn't want a cross hatched streaking. 

Time to assemble.  Glue on the face.  I laid out the card and the hearts the way I liked them best and then glued them down.  I found a metal embellishment that I had that I thought worked perfectly with this tag.  Add some ribbon to the top and entwine the ribbon thru the embellishment to attach. 

Like I said, this one took a bit more work and a lot more techniques and steps to it, but all the little subtle touches is what I think makes this tag come to life.  A tag fit for all us Queen of hearts out there.  As scared as I was when I started this one, I think it turned out pretty cool!  At least I like it.  LOL   

Now, only two more to post for today.  Phew...  See you in a moment... :)   

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